How To Conceal Carry in the Winter

With the start of winter comes bulkier, more restrictive clothing, not to mention several layers to deal with. This is especially true in colder environments where snowy, below-freezing weather requires large, insulated jackets, gloves, and boots to make stepping outside bearable. While thicker clothes can make it easier to conceal your weapon as it is less likely to show through a loose, thick sweater than a tight shirt or tank top, it can be much more difficult to quickly grab your weapon when you need it most. To best protect yourself during the winter months, it is essential you buy the right gear and know-how to effectively carry your gun for easy access.

Choosing the Right Gear

While you might think sticking your gun in a large jacket pocket is an easy way to conceal your weapon, your gun will likely move into an unfavorable position while you move around. A good alternative is to invest in a jacket with holster pockets to keep your firearm locked in place. Leaving your jacket unzipped makes it easiest to access your gun. Make sure to always place your gun in the same pocket, and consider another option such as a shoulder holster if you plan on taking your jacket off indoors. Avoid wearing gloves is possible, or find thin gloves designed for use with tools or guns.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve put together all your gear, it is important to practice pulling out and aiming your gun with all your conceal-carry clothing on. For the best results, practice in the cold weather and make sure your gun is properly lubricated. If you plan on wearing gloves, check your gun to see if it has a trigger guard and see if your fingers can fit properly inside. Continue practicing until you are able to quickly draw your gun and easily access the trigger.