Tips for Finding a New Supplier

When most companies need to look for a new supplier, they tend to focus on who can give them the best price. However, only focusing on finding cheap materials can hurt your business in the long run. That is because the cheaper option may not always give you a quality product or deliver on time. Instead, it is better to find a reputable supplier, such as SAMCA, who can provide you with quality products on time. There are several specific traits you should look for when deciding on a supplier.

Check Certifications

Many buyers forget to look at their supplier’s quality certifications. On top of that, some suppliers do not want you to look at their certifications. Making sure that you check they are highly certified will ensure that you get quality products.

Evaluate the Geopolitical Climate

While overseas suppliers can often give you better prices for a quality product, a political upheaval or poor labor relations can prohibit you from getting your industrial materials reliably. If you plan to rely on an overseas supplier, make sure that you carefully examine their political climate.

Gauge Financial Stability

If a supplier does not have financial stability, they risk going out of business. Make sure to examine a potential supplier’s financial status, so you do not get stuck without your necessary materials.

Asses Weather-Related Risks

Everyone knows that snow, rain, drought, hurricanes, and tornadoes can impact communities. However, what they don’t know is that these weather conditions can also impact the supply chain. This is something that cannot be overlooked. As you choose your supplier, make sure to think about weather conditions that are common in their area and whether or not this could endanger your production.

When evaluating a potential supplier, remember to check their certifications, evaluate their geopolitical climate, gauge their financial stability, and assess the potential for weather-related risks. Although there are other factors you should consider as well when choosing where to get your materials, this will provide you with a good start.