When Should You Hire a Notary?

When Should You Hire A Notary?

A notary is a professional who performs limited legal services, mainly for the purpose of authentication and attesting to the existence of legal documentation. Many notaries in the United States may also be practicing lawyers, in which case they may provide a wider breadth of services. However, the purpose of a standard notary is to act as an impartial third-party witness who can verify the signing of legal documents. So when should you hire one?

Identification and Status Documentation

If you are looking to move to a new country or travel with your family, you may need to fill out paperwork that would require the signature of a notary. You may also require a notary if you are changing your name or your marital status. Any official documentation that involves your identity or status could require notary authentication. Check with a local legal organization to be sure of whether your documentation needs to be notarized.

Home and Property Documentation

The services of a certified notary may also be required if you are buying a new home, selling the home you live in, applying for a mortgage or bequeathing property to a relative. Similarly, if you are writing a will, enlisting the services of a notary may be required before the document becomes official. If you are unsure where to find a professional to hire, search your area for listings. Be sure to hire someone who has gone through the appropriate notary application process and is working either with a recognized company or as a freelancer.

There are millions of certified notaries working in the United States, all of whom are required to undergo some form of training and legal authorization before they can perform their services. If you are curious as to whether you need to hire a notary, check online for your state’s requirements or seek advice from notaries in your area.