Business with 10 Inspirations in the Modern Era


“Prices of goods and basic necessities continue to rise, relying on monthly income is always not bad. Want business, worry about what business? I think a lot of people are already in business. What inspiration is good for today’s modern era? ”.

Did Career Advice colleagues ever think like that? Want business, but there is no small business inspiration. If you have time to think about it, now you don’t need to bother anymore. In this post, we want to review the 10 best  inspirations that Career Advice colleagues can apply to get bonus income or it can be used as main income. Come on, we follow the explanation below.

1. Healthy Fast Food for Business

Many work activities really take up a lot of people’s time. To the point that they do not have time to prepare meals. Junk food or quick meals is often the main option when someone else feels hungry, but doesn’t have long to eat. Thus, they must look for delicious food that will be ready in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, quick meals that are scattered in various places do not have a clear vitamin content, let alone have an adverse effect on our health.

Well, Career Advice colleagues can take advantage of this opportunity by creating a business that is very different from the existing fast food restaurants. This business inspiration should be especially useful for people who have little time but are always willing to consume a healthy meal.

The answer is to make healthy quick meals, so they are very good for many people to eat. For example, making delicious salads, fresh juices or smoothies, and other healthy foods that are perfect for everyone to eat. Later, the food will be sold to several offices in the Jakarta area. There are many tablets of people who want to diet but don’t know where to buy healthy food.

2. Creating a Yoga Studio

The popularity of yoga continues to be increasing for a long time in this modern era. What’s more, the change in lifestyle in the current era which continues to be old, continues to be unhealthy. We really need exercise that can get rid of toxins in the body, as well as relax the body so that we can always be productive in carrying out activities every day. A survey was attempted in the United States and found that 36 million Americans have explored yoga to get the life balance they want.

yoga has also entered the category of career women, household mothers, especially young people. This is why opening a yoga studio can be a great business inspiration to practice in this modern era.

3. Building a small Business homestay abroad

If the savings of fellow readers are sufficient for buying land or building a house outside the country, which often becomes a destination for tourists such as Singapore, Malaysia, or it could be countries in Europe such as the Netherlands, England, Italy and so on. Why not try to build a homestay business in a small but safe dimension?

This homestay can later be rented by students or tourists who have low budgets. This is another business inspiration from building a boarding house or rented house. If your fellow readers think that there have been so many people who have made this, maybe you can shift to the inspiration of this.

What if the capital is still not sufficient? It’s okay, business inspiration to build boarding houses or rented houses is still very good and a mainstay for implementation, especially in areas adjacent to universities or offices.

4. Creating Health Applications.

After all, health is always a matter that is very meaningful to be observed. If your fellow readers have skills in technology, such as making applications that are loved by many people today, until you are saved! Because this is a very valuable skill in this modern era.

We encourage fellow readers to make health applications, which not only can increase the income of fellow readers, this kind of health application can also share many benefits to many people.

5. Establishing Ethical Business Consulting.

Entrepreneurship and ethical management have become a very meaningful focus for the young generation in today’s modern era. Many of them shifted from being employees in the office, then changed professions by establishing their own industry or other work organizations.

This is an appropriate time for fellow readers to build institutions for business consulting that emphasize ethical management. They certainly want to be very grateful if someone builds a business like this. As we all know, doing business is not as easy as we think. So, this inspiration will be very useful for those who are just starting to set up a business as well as for those whose  are already running.

6. Selling Virtual Reality and Accessories

Virtual reality (VR) or it can also be said to be like virtual reality is a very impressive modern technology. With a couple of glasses and the powerful features of a PC, we can immerse ourselves in various very interesting worlds just by using VR.

Even though we are not very good at technology and PCs, we can always try to inspire this business, so you don’t need to be afraid. We don’t need to be a programming genius just to create a VR-focused. Moreover, most of the VR-related business insights have nothing to do with technology itself. Through this inspiration, we can sell some of the knick-knacks related to VC, so we don’t need to dive into programming science.

7. Renting Web Websites

Is your fellow reader a website developer? If so, cool! This business inspiration is perfect for you. Instead of just improving the web website, it’s better for fellow readers to expand this business by renting out the web website.

Website developers can create multiple web websites with different specifications, then fellow readers can rent out a customizable type from each web to local businesses. This is a suitable business inspiration for generating passive income and expanding the existing website developer business.

8. Selling Quality Pet Meals

Almost the majority of people like to keep pets at home, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and so on. This is why pet owners will be very careful about distributing food to their pets. We can use this atmosphere for new business inspiration, namely, selling high quality pet food, whether it’s dry food or wet (raw) food. We can open a small shop at home or rent a shop to set up a great quality pet food store.

9. Learning Technology

The modern era is synonymous with digital growth which continues to make our lives easier.

We strongly encourage fellow readers to create a learning technology business, because this can not only increase main income, but also can help children to learn well.

With the encouragement of technology, fellow readers can create student portals with a “whiteboard”-like design consisting of tutoring games, online dialogue platforms, assignment submission forms and so on.

10. Pre-Order Foreign Goods

Tickets out of the country continue to be a long time to offer lots of discounts, making it easier for people to travel outside the country. Fellow readers can offer pre-ordering services for objects and promote them on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Although this business inspiration is quite promising, we also need to know the limits, so that the country will not be harmed by the pre-ordering business of our goods.