Don’t Make These Four Mistakes With personal injury case

personal injury case

Many people see the commercials on television for accident attorneys and assume they will be able to get legal help for their personal injury case. Looking for a personal injury case in Altamonte Springs might lead you to a highly qualified representative, but what if they don’t take your case? There are four primary reasons why a lawyer would deny working with you.

1. The Details of the Incident

When the lawyer first hears your story, the very details of the accident might influence whether or not they will help you. The attorney wants to win the case, and the way the accident occurred might be problematic. There will need to be enough proof and damage to warrant a claim that will hold up in court.

2. Your Personal Injury Case Claims History

If you have been shopping around for a lawyer to take your case or you have filed multiple claims in the past, your speech and presentation will become more rehearsed. An attorney isn’t going to take on a case that looks like habitual abuse of the legal system. A law office will also want to protect its lawyers from clients who target a certain type of representative for their claim.

3. The Nature of the Personal Injury Case

There are some accidents that are not severe enough for a personal injury case. How badly you have been hurt will be a significant factor in determining how plausible and valid your claim will be in court.

4. The Financial Outcome

Unfortunately, lawyers work for a fee. The benefits of winning the case tend to ensure a client can pay for the time and energy an attorney has put into the case. If the lawyer is not convinced of the financial stability of the client to pay for the services required, they may turn down the case.

When you are looking at a personal injury lawyer, consider these steps before making the call. Don’t take the rejection personally, if the firm chooses not to accept the case.