Definition of Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Just as the name suggests, the main function of a Business Development Manager is to help a company grow its business by enhancing its position in the market. Because of this function, many startups are looking for the role of a Business Development Manager to support the development of their company’s business. So, if you want to consider a career in that position, it’s a good idea to see the reviews related to the role and duties of a Business Development Manager directly from Someone Kusumajaya as the following Business Development Manager.

Scope of Business Development

While working daily as a Business Development Manager, Someone admits that his job is a lot involved with the ranks of the product team, marketing, and the ranks of the C-Level management. C-level positions are those who are in control of the company’s decision making. Usually the C-level consists of the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and others. According to someone, this C-level line will provide a lot of direction and input on what to do to develop a business. This direction and input must then be collaborated with the product and marketing team.

Business Development roles and duties

In general, the role and task of a Business Development is to ensure how the company can develop continuously in terms of business, products, relationships, consumers to cooperation. Roles and duties are not far from these things. As a Business Development Manager at a company that focuses on Mutual Fund investment, a person’s daily roles and duties include several things such as:

  • Assist in developing applications and features together with the product, developer and UI teams
  • Cooperating with investment managers and other potential partners
  • Establish cooperation with Custodian Banks (Banking which functions to secure company or individual assets), OJK and related regulations that are directly related to the investment business
  • Make informative data analysis for the company’s business development together with the data team
  • Develop, implement and monitor marketing campaigns both online and offline together with the marketing team
  • Maintaining good communication with partners and potential partners regarding future business plans
  • Develop, implement and monitor Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with the compliance team
  • Work with C-levels to develop other services for users

Barriers experienced as a Business Development Manager

Prior to serving his role as Business Development Manager, this UGM graduate also worked in the same position for approximately 2 years at Stockbit, which is now the holding company. Even though he already has experience, he admits that sometimes he still encounters obstacles in carrying out his role and responsibilities as a Business Development Manager. One of the obstacles he often encounters comes from a lack of communication, either with the team or with partners. To overcome these obstacles, someone always tries to establish smooth communication with colleagues and partners.

Skills required by the Business

Looking at the roles and duties of the Business Development Manager above, it can be concluded that in general the background needed to achieve this position comes from experience as a marketing, sales, product, account manager and so on. Even so, if you have good skills in time management, communication skills, critical thinking, to product research, you may be able to apply for the position. Through the experience you have later, you can develop a career as a Head of Business Development with 3 to 5 years of experience.

Qualification of a Business Development

The requirements needed by a person before taking on the role and duties of a Business Development Manager are:

  • Generally, the background of this profession comes from business, economics, finance and marketing education.
  • Has a lot of experience related to sales and marketing activities or other related fields.
  • Have skills that support to become a Business Development Manager as described above.

By knowing some of the qualifications above, now you have a clear picture of the roles and duties of a Business , right?

If you want to start a career in this position, learn all the skills and knowledge required. You can also learn from various available business references to increase your knowledge regarding the company’s business strategy.